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The Alpine Convention

It is an international agreement between the eight Alpine states and the European Community which proposes initiatives for a sustainable development of the Alpine region. Since the ’50s, when the idea of the Alpine Convention took shape and appeared for the first time in the founding documents of the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps ( CIPRA ) , until the beginning of its construction in 2002, the path was long. But – in paradoxically terms – it has been just nowadays with the economic crisis pushing to set aside resolutions of environmental protection , that the Convention can be transformed into an instrument of real development. It is Just necessary to apply, where possible, the eight protocols, not only as for bureaucratic procedures, but also in terms of innovative ideas for a sustainable economic development at local level . An example is the initiative of the villages of the mountaineers , who were born in Austria thanks to the Austrian Alpine Club, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (Ministry for Life) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Not all mountain villages with the advent of tourism have preserved their identity. Many places, committed only to winter tourism, in the name of hospitality, massacred the territory and built cable cars and big hotels and the economy of the local population depends on a technological development that will never end.

Characteristics of the “villages of the mountaineers” are the sense of belonging with the Alps, their small dimensions, their tranquillity, the attention to the environment, the harmonious landscape, the mountaineering history, the preservation of folk traditions. In collaboration with the local branches of the Alpine Club, these villages are committed to offer to their guests the opportunity to do activities that do not require technological support: hiking, mountaineering, climbing , ski touring, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding. Even the bad weather should not be an obstacle to move outdoor: walks in the nature, bird watching, visits old mines, museums, craft shops, churches. Between the villages and their guest springs a symbiotic relationship: while the host is an environment in which to live an active holiday in nature, small communities are able to develop an economy of scale that hampers the depopulation of the mountain. And this is exactly the purpose of the Alpine Convention: an equilibrium between the protection of mountain areas and a sustainable economic development.

Time will tell if the patience and hard work will be rewarded, but we are convinced of this: the villages of the mountaineers could play a pioneering role in the Alpine region.



Zoppe di Cadore

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